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Boat Names

How to come up with the perfect boat name


Apps, Apps and More Boating Apps

With so many smart device applications available to you, where do you start?  Well here are a few of my favorites with some comments about each. Marine Traffic – I have this on both my iPhone and Kindle devices.  You can also go to their website: and see from your desk.  I love to use […]
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Boating with the Dawson’s

What can be two of the more embarrassing events in a boaters life, backing down a boat ramp, or docking a large twin screw boat?  One of the better sites I have seen for new boaters is Boating with the Dawson’s.   I don’t know the Dawson’s but I have used their product.   They […]
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United States Coast Guard Auxiliary

Did you know the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary is comprised of volunteers only across the entire United States?  This organization puts in huge numbers of hours saving you the tax payers thousands if not millions of dollars. Not only that they offer free services to you the boater that can save you money!  The most […]
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Sophia’s Law

CO Detectors now required in Minnesota

Kidde Fire Extinguisher Recall

Kidde recalls 40 million fire extinguishers In November 2017 Kidde announced a recall of 40 million fire extinguishers sold by multiple stores some of which are:  Sears, Montgomery Ward, Menards, Home Depot, Walmart, Amazon, and others. 134 models in all have been recalled and include the popular Mariner series used by many boaters.  These extinguishers […]
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