Boat Names

IMG_1631 (2)One of the more heart wrenching things you will most likely do when you buy a boat is come up with a suitable name.  A person can spend weeks coming up with just the right name.  You can go with the classics(DREAM WEAVER), your spouses name(JENNY), something rated PG13( I AM  NAUTI), maybe even your dog(OLD BLUE).  But then you have to take into account are you a power boater(FISH HOOKER) or sailor(WINDSONG)?

Who wants to come up with the 5th boat in the marina called (NO NAME)?  Not me.  So it took some time and came up with IMPETUOUS.  Not for the reason you may think, though.  Check it out in the dictionary -moving forcefully or rapidly as in: “an impetuous but controlled flow of water”.  Not many boats out there with the name, but how many people look up boat names in the dictionary?  

The second boat, new try, it was to easy to use ‘TOO IMPETUOUS”, so time for some thought again.  I liked NORTHERN LIGHTS but just too many out there were already using it.  So change it to Norwegian and it comes our NORDLYSET.  Perfect. It wasn’t long though and I was having to explain how to pronounce it correctly and what it meant.

Third boat I finally said lets make it simple, nothing fancy after all it is the third boat, so ENCORE it was.  It seems to fit, everyone knows how to pronounce it. The meaning is simple.  All we have to do now is please King Neptune, which takes a lot of alcohol which is a whole different story when renaming a boat.

For your reference here are some boating sites regarding names.

According to 10,000 Boat Names here are your top 10.

  1. Second Wind
  2. Serenity
  3. Wind Dancer
  4. Orion
  5. Windsong
  6. Escape
  7. Whisper
  8. Carpe Diem
  9. Summer Wind
  10. Serendipity


Boat US 2016 Top 10 Boat Names

1. Happy Ours
2. Freedom
3. Grace
4. Serendipity
5. Island Time
6. No Regrets
7. Liberty
8. At Last
9. Blue Moon
10. Aqua holic

Here are some sites that may help you come up with that perfect name:

10,000 boatnames

2011 – 2016 Top Boat Names at Boat US

PG13 Boat Names

Yachting Magazine Top 30

Let me know what you come up with!  Let us know when the Christening party is !

Capt. JD.



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