Boating with the Dawson’s

What can be two of the more embarrassing events in a boaters life, backing down a boat ramp, or docking a large twin screw boat?  One of the better sites I have seen for new boaters is Boating with the Dawson’s.   I don’t know the Dawson’s but I have used their product.   They have excellent videos and electronic booklets on a number of issues new boat owners may have.  The best thing, they write for your specific type of boat.  Be it a runabout with a single outboard motor, or a larger twin screw boat.  You can find information on docking a boat, backing a trailered boat, tips for the First Mate.  It’s all here at a very inexpensive cost for you to take advantage of.  I came across this site a few years ago simply by accident after moving from sailboats to a twin screw power boat.  The common sense approach gave me much more confidence and knowledge of what can be done with that type of vessel.  After my computer crashed a note to them on my new computer and I had a new link to reload the information, so great customer service and a great product, what more can you ask for?


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